Podstrona: Rzeszow University of Technology


Researchers from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics and from...

The research is based on the latest technologies using digitalisation of medical images, processing of numerical data into three-dimensional models and production of medical models using 3D printing.

Innovative technology for measuring fat content in food

Researchers specialising in various fields of knowledge have successfully applied luminance measurement to research involving the assessment of intramuscular fat content in meat products.

Joanna Nizol, DSc, Ph.D., Associate Prof. received a grant from the National...

The project aims to construct the first system for real 3D imaging of wide range of objects using mass spectrometry.

Power-to-Gas technology

Prof. Mirosław Szukiewicz, from the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering is conducting research on new solutions related to the process of hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methane.

Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything testing stand creates a unique system for the conduct of basic research (theoretical and simulation), experimental development work and service provision.

Mateusz Rajchel, BEng, PhD, has received a grant from the National Centre...

The project concerns the use of recycled materials from used wind turbine blades and unconventional concrete in lightweight and durable hybrid girders.

Unconventional research by Prof. Pawel Chmielarz's group highlighted by...

Researchers from the Department of Physical Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry have developed a method to synthesize water immiscible polymers using a dry wine-based miniemulsion.

Researchers from Rzeszów University of Technology among the 2% most...

The prestigious list of 2% of authors of publications most frequently cited by other scholars included scientists from 5 departments of our university.

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