Podstrona: Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng., with "R&D Impact 2022" award / Rzeszow University of Technology

Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng., with "R&D Impact 2022" award

, red. Marta Jagiełowicz
Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng.,

On the 20th of May this year on the 34th floor of Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk 34 extraordinary personalities received statuettes as part of the R&D Impact Gala. The laureates included inspiring personalities of business, science and local government who influence the economy and our lives with their ideas, work, management and creativity. One of the laureates was Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng., from the Department of Environmental and Chemistry Engineering at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture, who received the award for "conducted research and development activity concerning the technology of sewage treatment and waste disposal, which has a positive impact on sustainable development".

The circular economy is the way to sustainable development, hence many scientists are developing further methods to prevent further pollution. This is the subject of Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng. The research and development activity of the scientist is focused on the issues of wastewater treatment technology and waste disposal in the context of sustainable development and a closed loop economy. Interdisciplinary research under the direction of A. Masłoń, PhD, Eng., has been carried out for many years, resulting in innovative technologies for wastewater treatment, recovery of biogenic materials and processing of sewage sludge. Due to their innovation, these methods are protected by patents and utility models.

Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng., is, among others, the author and co-author of 8 patents and 3 utility models for inventions, he has already implemented 2 innovative technological solutions in a sewage treatment plant. He has also been involved in the promotion of science for many years.

The R&D Impact 2022 award was granted to Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng., "for his research and development activity concerning the technology of wastewater treatment and waste disposal, which has a positive impact on sustainable development. At the same time, the laureate demonstrates an attitude geared towards active promotion and dissemination of the importance of benefits resulting from the implemented projects among the entire society".

The invitees also had the opportunity to listen to the power speech by Marcin Prokop, who shared tips and tools on how to translate personal branding experiences into practice for people working in various industries in relations with other people. "Yesterday's keys do not open tomorrow's doors," said Marcin Prokop during his speech. These words sum up the activities in the innovation sector.

The mission of the R&D Impact Award is to strengthen the prestige and to build a positive and interesting image of science, technological thought and authors of social innovations among a wide range of public opinion and to increase the society's awareness of contemporary achievements of Polish innovators.

The organiser of the gala, the award, as well as the publisher of the thematic section R&D Impact is the R&D Promotion agency – the first interactive agency on the Polish market specialising exclusively in the promotion of research, innovation and development. The agency consists of specialists with many years of experience in building the image of innovative solutions in the media.


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